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LINK® C.F.P.® Total Hip System

The LINK® C.F.P.® Hip Stem and the T.O.P. Acetabular Cup System have been especially designed for the young, active patients...

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LINK® Endo-Model Rotational and Hinge...

The LINK® Endo-Model® Rotational Knee Prosthesis is indicated for use in patients with joint instability. Since its introduc...

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LINK® Lubinus SPII Primary Hip System

The LINK® Lubinus SPII® Hip Stem was developed in 1978 in Kiel, Germany and has been available as a modular system...

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LINK® Modular Endo-Rotational Knee

The LINK® Modular Endo-Rotational and Hinge Knee System compliments the LINK® Endo-Model Rotating and Fixed Hinge range. Ind...

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LINK® BetaCup

The LINK BetaCup® System was designed especially for biologically young, active patients and represents a new generation of ceme...

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LINK® Cementable Acetabular Cups

The LINK® range of Cementable Acetabular Cups includes the IP® Polyethylene Acetabular Cup and the Lubinus® Ec...

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LINK® SLED Uni-Compartmental Knee

The LINK® Endo-Model® Sled Prosthesis is suitable for patients with minor bone destruction and a largely intact ligament str...

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LINK® T.O.P.® Acetabular Cup

The LINK® T.O.P.® Acetabular Cup System was designed for biologically young and active patients and is the latest generation...

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LINK® Variocup

The LINK® VarioCup Prosthesis consists of UHMWPE acetabular components encased in ultra-smooth polished CoCr shells for articula...

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